Silverthorn Farm offers both stall board and pasture board. With 70-acres of pasture, we can provide ample turnout in small herds or individual paddock turnout.

Stall board includes twice daily feeding, hay, stall cleaning, blanketing/fly spray and turnout. Individual turnout is available for an additional fee. The outer 12 stalls are 12x12', while our inner 5 stalls range from 10'x12' to 10'x16' . All stalls are matted and amply bedded. $600/month.

Pasture board includes seasonal blanketing/fly spray, twice daily wellness checks, and feed up to twice a day for an additional fee. $375/month.

Our staff thoroughly inspects each horse twice daily for injuries, lameness, missing shoes and general wellness. Staff and employees are educated and experienced to handle most medical issues. We can provide first rate care for the injured or ill horse in the form of bandage changes, wraps, medication administration, colic watches, etc.


Silverthorn Farm employs the services of top professionals in and around the Athens-area.

-our main farrier Jack White of Watkinsville, GA
-Covered Bridge Equine, our local veterinary practice

-our chiropractors, Dr. Holly Breaux, Dr. Dana Peroni and Dr. Kim Keeton


In addition, our close proximity to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital is a great benefit in the unfortunate event of any equine emergency.


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